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Before you become a Bee, we ask you a few questions about your babysitting experience and work availability. There are a few back

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The app will guide you to the next steps you need to take. When you move to the next step the app will let you know.

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Once you are selected to become an official Bee, the app will allow you to easily accept jobs. Helping parents win the day by caring for their kids is a privilege that we love and know that you will too!

Become a Busy Bee Sitter

If you have experience babysitting, you know that steady work with incredible families that fits your schedule is tough to find.

That is where Busy Bees comes in! Busy Bees is a network of over 8,000 incredible families that allows you to accept babysitting jobs in an easy-to-use app. Each family in our network has been personally vetted and referred in by others already in our network to ensure the health and safety of all Bees.  Experienced Busy Bees love how easy accepting new jobs is, the connections they make with these families, and helping these parents win the day.

The Busy Bee App is designed to guide you easily through the whole process of becoming a Busy Bee.

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